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I am so glad to see you here!


My name is Kim and I'm here to share with you a vision that pregnancy and birth can be a pleasurable, connected and empowering experience for a woman. An opportunity to feel the magical and mysterious experience of life from within. Pregnancy is the time in your life that serves as a reminder to stop the busyness in you're head and to  connect deeply with you're inner wisdom. To embody your life and that of your baby in the most pleasurable way.


A vision where giving birth is a spiritual gift and a sexual expansion!

In our society we are not used to seeing birth like that. Birth is seen as painful, dangerous and not wanted to be experienced. 'Get it over with, quick!'

I am so grateful that I've had the motivation and trust to put that idea to the side.

I started my own exploration of truth and was able to experience 2 births as a peek into what is possible with the expansion of my sexuality. During both births I felt strong, capable, vulnerable and full of trust and pleasure.


Isn't that a lovely way to start motherhood? I would love for you to experience that as well.

The approach of pregnancy and birth as spiritual and sexual really enriched my experience as a woman.


Love is a word that is used for lots of different meanings.

For giving birth in Love i refer to 3 kinds of love. Universal love, Vessel of Love and Pleasure.

The unifying force that goes beyond and through all that exists. What we in essence truly are. The Goddess you!
The body that expresses love. To yourself, body and baby.
The sexual pleasure to be felt in your body. Anytime, anywhere.


Vessel of Love


Are you wondering how this relates to pregnancy and giving birth?

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 If this resonates with you, I am looking forward of sharing more!


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