Reclaiming the female power of giving birth in pleasure and trust


Let's do it Ladies!!


An E-course to tap in with Love and give the best possible start for you and your baby.


The 2 births that I have experienced were unassisted, pleasurable and empowering. During challenging moments of motherhood I have often recalled these experiences to give myself a boost of confidence. In this example I am not referring to the confidence of feeling proud of actions you have accomplished,d but to a gratefulness of having had the experience of a much greater trust in Life.


The power of vulnerability.

The power of surrendering to the flow of life.

The power of letting go of all the wants, needs, desires and control.


We live in a world where the focus is on manifesting and creating what you want. That is the beautiful game of life.  Giving birth is an opportunity to tap into the force of what is behind the game..

Just for a moment, lifting up the veil, seeing the universe, and realising  the goddess you have always been..


A Magical Moment


What would the world look like if all mothers told you that giving birth was a truly magical, a divine experience?

Instead of the most painful experience they've ever had, it was the most pleasurable and powerful experience they've ever had. Wouldn't that be a big change in perspective!

I'm here to support that vision! That we reclaim the power of surrender. Not out of weakness and being scared, but out of the  trust of always being supported and the strength that giving and receiving love gives us women and mothers!

Would you like to give birth from a place of trust and surrender but don´t really know how to do it yet?

Are you willing to dive into the depths of who you and your baby really are and welcome your baby truly in Love?


Are you willing to be open minded and see giving birth from a new perspective?


In this 5 week E-course I wilI take you by the hand and we will travel through rocky waters of fears, hopes and desires together. Where you can safely dive into intimacy and explore your sensuality, so you can connect with  the birthing power that is already inside you! Through the course you will be able to find the  eye of the storm where it is always  calm. There you can feel peace, pleasure and a power, regardless of how you are  giving birth.

To leave a  birth feeling capable, empowered and in full trust of nature, is a great help  into motherhood as well.



Are you feeling inspired?

This course is something for you if:


* You see pregnancy and birth as a special moment in your life

* You want to prepare yourself for a magical birth experience

* You are willing to reclaim your own power in giving birth

* You want to birth and receive your baby in love

* You are willing  to explore your sexuality

* You want to know and feel the relationship between sexuality and birth

* You  are willing to let go

* You are willing  to see and  let go of your fears

* You want to go deeper then mainstream childbirth classes

* You want to use pleasure as a natural pain release

* You want to trust the process of birth

* You want to feel capable of giving birth

* You want to access the ancient wisdom in your body

What will you get?


Lifetime and immediate access to the 5 module course. It is self-paced and you may take the course how and whenever you want to do it. Or if you prefer, you can follow the rhythm of the weekly emails. They will provide an introduction to each one of the 5 modules.


Here  is an outline of the modules


                           Module 1: Birth in Love

                           Module 2: Birth as a Sexual act

                           Module 3: Vessel of Love

                           Module 4: Goddess You

                           Module 5: Mother Love



Some Questions you may have:


Will this result in the birth I want?

Maybe yes, maybe no. You can never know how a birth will be. This course helps you to be ok with every birth you could have and in the meantime enjoy the present moment.


Is this really enough to prepare for birth?

I encourage you to find the knowledge and education you need to feel prepared. And in a real sense, you are already perfect, beautiful and capable of giving birth. Women are made for it. This course helps to remind you of your inherent completeness.


Can I give birth by myself after this?

For the natural phenomenon of giving birth you only need a woman with a baby in her belly. Nature has done it for millions of years. Whatever you need to feel capable, trusting and able to surrender to the natural process is up to you. That may include; a hospital, a forest, a group of women around you, your partner, music or silence. It's all about the song of your heart and listening attentively to that while making choices from your inner wisdom.


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