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Here a little bit of my journey on the earth so far!


I was born and raised in the Netherlands. As a child I liked to colour, play teacher and dance. So I went to the dance academy to become a teacher of TheatreDance. When I graduated after 4 years, my eye caught a poster of a dancefestival in Barcelona. With a small backpack I went to explore the city through the dance.


Little did I know that there was a handsome man waiting for me. Instead of dance I explored the city through the eyes of love. We stayed there together and 3 years later our first daughter was born. We moved to Ibiza to be more in nature and there our second daughter was born.



Hi! My name is Kim!

Once I got pregnant the existential question of "Who am I" became very alive. Since I had the opportunity to be involved in the life of a new person, I wanted to raise her as close to her true nature as possible. I dived into the exploration of life and babies. I've learned a lot through books, seminars and videos. But the births were my biggest masters!


There I got a taste of how powerful sexual energy can be and how wonderful intense surrendering to Life can be. Those mystical moments coloured my life and I am so grateful to have them in the pile of life experiences.





























Right now I am feeling inspired and committed to the path of awakening through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. The more mothers, or mothers to be, are connected to their true beings, the more Love will be spread around the world.


I am looking forward of meeting You!


Much Love,



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